Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Key to Improving Your Golf Swing

If you did not learn to play golf as a child then golf is neither simple or easy.  It is difficult to learn as an adult and if you have been playing for a while it is not simple or easy to change.

The answer to improving starts with finding someone that can help find the one issue in the golf swing that’s causing the problem. I have found that golfers often feel that they have multiple swing issues when in fact they just have one Primary Swing Fault that leads them to create multiple compensations.

Claude Harmon talked about finding the one thing that fixes many things.

Find the Primary Swing Fault

Find the Primary Swing Fault, fix it, and the other swing compensations will slowly dry-up and disappear. However, from what I see with many golfers that come to me is they have been trying to fix all the easy to find leaks in their golf swing instead of the primary leak. They spend more time trying to repair their swing … then actually improving their swing.

Meaning, instead of permanently fixing the Primary Swing Fault that is causing all the compensations … most Golfers are spending their practice time working on tips to fix the compensations. Why? Because the Primary Swing Fault is not as easy to find as the compensations. Just as it’s easier to see where each ceiling is dripping versus finding the source … the same is true in the golf swing.

It Is NOT About What It Looks Like

When you are treating the golf swing like a beauty contest that happens and many instructors fall prey to it because it is simple to diagnose.  Frequently a simple adjustment of posture or weight distribution will fix a multitude of problems.

The bottom line is get off Youtube and find someone that actually has a chance of helping you.  Anyone offering Easy, Quick, Simple, or the Secret to... should be avoided at all costs.

That is all from the Golf Cave for today.  Hope it helps someone!